What’s a DonThao?

First, let’s get the pronunciation out of the way. The Thao portion rhymes with "wow", but with a silent "h". OK, got that?

Simple answer: My husband’s name is Donny and well, I’m Thao. Donny – ny + Thao = DonThao.

Long answer: My name is Thao and I met a guy named Donny. One day, he got the guts to ask for my hand in marriage and boom, I started planning a wedding. One of the items on my wedding-extravaganza list was to come up with two signature drinks. We had a fully stocked bar at the reception and wanted to come up with something unique to offer our fabulous guests.

So, I came up with two names: a Donjito and a Thaolini

Since he was busy remodeling the basement and I was busy with the wedding, we scheduled date nights to make sure we didn’t forget why we’re marrying each other (sometimes, you need that, lol). One date night, we purchased the booze that our venue offered to begin mixing drinks. After getting nauseated from some of the nasty concoctions we made, we finally met victory.

Great. One down, another to go. I didn’t want to go through anymore "nasty" so we changed our minds and decided to just have one signature drink. Besides, Donny’s drink of choice would have been either a Captain + Coke or Vodka + RedBull. How can we call something a Donjito without having any "Jito" in it?

The drink was a hit and ever since, our friends have referred to us as The DonThao, or just DonThao on less formal occasions.

Recipe for The DonThao

  1. Champagne
  2. Peach Schnapps
  3. Cranberry Juice
  4. Soaking Blueberries

Give it a try, it’s yummy!

Wait. Why did you decide to call the photography biz this?

I struggled with the name, but after going on a photoshoot for our friends, Donny and I were thanked constantly with the proper noun, "DonThao" and it stuck. He was my helper, carrying things, coming up with creative ideas and angles, and just keeping me company! He doesn’t shoot any photos…(yet), but he has definitely helped me develop my skills. He was also film sports photographer back in his day and has acted as a muse for many of my photographic and non-photographic creations.


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