1. What does DonThao mean?

    I am one half of it and the other half is not necessarily my better half, lol, read this.

  2. What is your style?

    See this.

  3. Where is your studio?

    The world is my studio. I don’t have a building that you can drive to for glamour-shot style portrait sessions. I prefer to meet you on-location, wherever you want to have your pictures taken. If you have ideas, let me know, otherwise we can figure something out together based on the type of shoot you want. A field? A park? Yes, yes, yes! Downtown? My favorite! An alley? Sure, I’ll leave my black clothing at home for those. Your favorite coffee shop? Sign me up, I love coffee! Please note: some venues may require a permit to shoot, so check with businesses first if you want photos taken there.

  4. Where are you located?

    I am in Grand Rapids, but am willing to travel. Check out the investment for more information.

  5. What do you shoot with?

    I get this question a lot. It used to annoy me so much, as if to ask a master baker what oven he uses instead of what the ingredients in the recipe were, but, I realize it takes more than just buying the gear to take the pictures. I shoot Nikon and I bring backup memory cards and batteries to make sure I don’t miss a thing. But I’m under the school of it doesn’t matter – if you’re good, you can grab a point and shoot and create beautiful work.

  6. Where did you get that camera bag?

    Oh, I love my bag. I wish it magically shrunk all the stuff so that I don’t have to upgrade eventually, but I purchased a Coach messenger bag and made an insert for it out of damask fabric, foam, and thread. Did I mention that I can sew?

  7. What makes you think you’re a photographer?

    I didn’t just buy a camera and call myself a photographer one day. I’m sure the saturation of self-proclaimed photographers out there probably drives the art-educated kind mad. I’ll try not to do that. Anyone can take a picture, but I bring art and composition into my work. I do have an art background, read about it. And you can ask my friends, I am the notorious picture-taker. I’m not talking DSLR all the time. I’m talking about taking hundreds of pictures during all of our social gatherings. I am THE group historian. I have a love for documentation and for art. You don’t have to take my word for it though. If you love my art style, then let’s chat.

  8. What the heck is a boudoir session? It sounds sketchy.

    It’s not as sketchy as you think. It’s a tasteful, sexy photoshoot that many brides have done for their finacee. Read more boudoir FAQs.

  9. Will you shoot my wedding?

    I don’t have intentions of ever shooting a wedding for many personal reasons… so how about an engagement session instead?! 😉 If you feel that I should at least consider yours, then contact me. Warning: this will take a LOT of convincing!

  10. How far will you travel?

    You name it. I am based out of Grand Rapids, but I can travel. I do have a driver’s license and a car. Score! For bookings requiring flight and accomodations, the client covers.

  11. Do you sell your travel and art photography?

    Yes. Info coming soon.

After I’ve Booked You

  1. What should I wear?

    Clothing, preferrably. 😉 Sorry, I’ll leave the jokes at home. Wear what you want and feel comfortable in – be natural. I want you to be comfortable. But, I do recommend simplicity, no logos, no crazy patterns, etc. You don’t want to distract the picture with the lime green coming off your shirt! Bring several outfits if you want, I’m sure we can figure out where you can change.

    Ladies who have booked a boudoir, see this special FAQ sheet.

  2. How long will the shoot last?

    Unless you’ve booked more time, each portrait style session will last 1-2 hours. If you booked an event like a baby shower, wedding shower, afternoon tea party, children’s birthday, we can work the right pricing for more time if necessary.

  3. What happens if you can’t make the shoot?

    I promise to be there barring any extreme cases such as accidents. This is why you put down the deposit. I won’t give up your time to get my hair done.

  4. Do you limit anything?

    How can I be creative if I limit how many pictures, outfits, poses I shoot? The only limit I have is time, but I’ve been known to go over when I get on a roll. I don’t set the egg timer and cap off the shooting after the hour. I’m flexible. Don’t worry, you’ll get your money’s worth!

  5. Where can I print the pictures?

    You get the DVD with rights for these pictures so you can take them anywhere to get printed. I can offer professional, higher quality prints and albums if you want as well.

  6. How long before I see pictures?

    I post teaser pictures usually in a day or two and you get all the rest in approximately two weeks. I get excited to work on them so don’t be suprised if it’s sooner than that!


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