Why Invest?

QUICK! the house is burning and you have just enough time to grab your top three, most cherished, favorite items.

What do you grab? (Assumption: everyone is out of the house safely.)

Most of us include some level of memory in there… our pictures, our laptops holding the pictures, or even the precious Kodak prints made long before digital came around. Sure, we have memories, but they can be spotty sometimes. Remember that blankie you had? or that childhood stuffed toy that you gave to charity? …At least you had a picture of it. We can’t keep all of our lost teeth, last baby’s onesie, or that sweet, red tricycle you used to ride around town. But we can save the memories with pictures.

This is why I take so many pictures. I have terabytes upon terabytes of backed up, and re-backed up images (digital and even scanned) that remind me of times and things I don’t physically have anymore or can’t go back in time and relive. Every memory got me here: the early, simple years and even the awkward teenage ones. They’re not all perfect, modelesque, or retouched. They’re just real, and they’re mine. Capturing these moments that fly by so quickly only help remind us of who we’ve always been and how we’ve grown along the way. I love freezing time in a picture… portrait or event, they’re just milliseconds of our extremely, amazing lives.

Do it to remember how you felt and how you’ll continue to feel after that heartfelt proposal.
Do it to remember how that onesie looked before mashed peas got smeared all over it.
Do it to show them how they got that scar on their 6th birthday.

Need I go on?


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